Program details

notwhoami is a program that generates random identity info. It is a spoof of the classic UNIX command "whoami" which returns your username.

Example session:

    [greysaber@mothra /home]$ whoami
    [greysaber@mothra /home]$ notwhoami
    Johan N. Mitchell
    83 Zebu Ave
    Spartanburg, SC 29301
    [greysaber@mothra /home]$


Download notwhoami version 0.99b here. (394 kB)  Release notes
notwhoami requires Perl (already on freenix systems).

Other stuff?

notwhoami is licensed under the GPL (it's free). If you feel like programming some more identity detail, I'll be happy to include your work into notwhoami. The sourceforge project page is here. Version 1.0 will be much faster (think random access instead of linear). My email address is, minus the '.AVERT' and 'ADVERTS.'.

Last updated: Saber Taylor 05-03-2000